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Wireless Connection

Syncrolift is composed of two columns: a motorized one, on which is mounted the control panel that allows you to manage all the functions of the machine, and an idle one.
Normally the columns are connected to each other by a reinforced interconnection cable. Thanks to this option they are instead connected using the Bluetooth/Ethernet Bridge principle, by means of industrial Bluetooth technology. Syncrolift wireless is particularly suitable in environments where the interconnection cable between the two columns is in the way of welding/assembly operations or when the workpiece is very long and the columns are very far from each other. The Wireless system can be easily integrated with the company network and can have a VNC function for mirroring the touch display on a remote device (tablet, PC, cell phone), a USB Host function via USB flash memory for automatic archiving of alarm history files, and finally an FTP function for automatic synchronization of the above files with a remote PC.

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