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Sideros Experience Centre

sideros engineering | SIDEROS ENGINEERING

Sideros Engineering's R&D department uses Belloni Lamiere, a company belonging to the group and involved in sheet metal working, as a test center for all new technologies developed internally.

All prototypes and new products under development are tested in the most severe and real conditions possible for at least 12 months on two working shifts. The primary aim is to refine the product, making it more efficient and performing, reliable and long-lasting.

Today Sideros is the only company in the world that can boast of this condition.

The real competitive advantage of Sideros is the possibility to test its products in a real company context, understanding the real needs and requirements of a typical company in the sheet metal working sector. Today Sideros is able to test in Belloni Lamiere the whole production range, both in the field of welding and thermal cutting.

The result is a product that is more and more avant-garde at a technical level and in step with the times and the changing needs of the company.

Installed machines

tavola belloni | SIDEROS ENGINEERING
  • Self Cleaning Downdraft Table installed at Belloni Lamiere
filtri belloni | SIDEROS ENGINEERING
  • Dust collectors installed at Belloni Lamiere
syncrolift slc400 | SIDEROS ENGINEERING
  • Head and Tailstock Positioner Syncrolift with Sideros Engineering Dust collector
rotolift rotazione elettrica | SIDEROS ENGINEERING
  • 3 axes positioner Rotolift with Sideros Engineering Dust collector
  • Automated storage system for bars based at Lotus Alutech
filtri centralizzati lotus | SIDEROS ENGINEERING
  • Centralized dust collectors installed at Lotus Alutech
pressa belloni | SIDEROS ENGINEERING
  • Press for bending installed at Belloni Lamiere
rotoclean belloni(1) | SIDEROS ENGINEERING
  • Deburring Tumbler installed at Belloni Lamiere