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Skyhook Positioners

Syncrolift skyhook | Skyhook Positioners

The Syncrolift Skyhook positioner represents the newest product developed in Sideros: it’s an evolution of the standard head and tailstock positioners.

It performs an optimum ergonomics for welding and assembly processes, thanks to the possibility of turning the working piece by 180°.

The positioner is composed by a fixed column and a rotating arm, performing 3 main movements:
upward/downward movements, turning over and rotation by 360°.

The L-Type positioner can also be easily customized in height, length of the arm and in load capacity up to 10.000 kg


Skyhook 1 | Skyhook Positioners
  • Master lifting column designed and built to ensure maximum rigidity and precision of movement
skyhook ralla rotazione elettrica | Skyhook Positioners
  • L-arm with integrated fifth wheel for 360° electric rotation 
  • Advanced anti-collision safety system
rotolift voltaggi | Skyhook Positioners
  • Touch screen HMI with Teaching System for automatic programming of movement steps
skyhook pulsantiera | Skyhook Positioners
  • Remote pushbutton panel to facilitate control
skyhook rotazione 180 gradi | Skyhook Positioners
  • 180° tilting of the workpiece
grafico syncrolift | Skyhook Positioners
  • Reduced operating time by 60% resulting in increased productivity
syncrolift voltaggi | Skyhook Positioners
  • Available Voltage:
    400V - 50/60Hz CE
    480V - 60Hz UL complied
    600V - 60Hz CSA complied
skyhook personalizzabile | Skyhook Positioners
  • Customizable column height and arm length according to customer requirements

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