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Jigs for Welding and Assembly

welding jigs for positioners(1) | Jigs for Welding and Assembly

Introducing our new range of Jigs for Welding and Assembly of parts and semi-finished products. We offer a wide selection of fixed and adjustable jigs designed to increase efficiency and precision in your manufacturing processes.

Key Features:

  • Fixed and Adjustable Masks: From standard masks to customized models, we have solutions for every need.
  • Flexible Sizes: Masks up to 20 meters long to fit a wide range of parts and applications.
  • Locking Systems: Equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic locking systems for added safety and stability.
  • Additional Services: We offer installation, testing and training to ensure maximum performance of your jigs.

Application Fields:


sectors | Jigs for Welding and Assembly

Cost-Benefit Analysis

cost benefit syncrolift | Jigs for Welding and Assembly

Available Versions:


1 | Jigs for Welding and Assembly
  • Standard Masks with perforated modular welding and assembly tables.

mascheraggio custom per posizionatori | Jigs for Welding and Assembly
  • Custom Masks designed specifically to fit different part geometries.

IMG 0225 | Jigs for Welding and Assembly
  • Positioners equipped with Modular Welding and Assembly Tables


  • Reduced use of lifting equipment
  • Safety in use
  • Free from special maintenance even with continuous heavy-duty use
  • Improved performance and productivity of personnel, even those who are not extremely qualified
  • Improved welding processes and quality
  • Cost reduction and profit improvement


syncrolift sicurezza strutturale | Jigs for Welding and Assembly
  • 3D Simulations: We use advanced technologies to simulate your specific applications, ensuring seamless integration and functionality of the jigs in your production process.

SLC45 COLMST RANA2 Prove | Jigs for Welding and Assembly
  • Rotary and Creep Joints for the passage of Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electrical Lines.
Giunto Cardanico Master | Jigs for Welding and Assembly
  • Cardan joints, for reducing stresses on jigs and workpieces during lifting and rotation

DSC03292 | Jigs for Welding and Assembly
  • Complete Packages: Simplify your purchasing process by opting for our complete packages, which include both jigs and welding positioners. Save time and money with an integrated and reliable solution.
IMG 8311 | Jigs for Welding and Assembly
  • Compatibility: Integration with all positioner models in the range:  3-Axis Positioners, Rotating Positioners, L-Arm Positioners, Saddle/Cradle Positioners

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