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Cradle Positioners

syncolift cradle sideros engineering | Cradle Positioners

The Cradle Type SYNCROLIFT Positioner (2 fixed columns and a turning cradle) is equipped with a main cradle and a motorized rotary plate on which is loaded the piece. Even in this case, the positioner performs 4 main movements: upward/downward movement, turning over and rotation by 360°.

Finally, the cradle type SYNCROLIFTS can also be customized in height, length of the cradle and in load capacity up to 20.000 kg.


cradle costruzione sella | Cradle Positioners
  • Cradle and columns designed and built according to the characteristics of the handled workpiece 
cradle ralla motorizzata | Cradle Positioners
  • The cradle can also be equipped with a central motorized fifth wheel for 360° rotation of the workpiece
cradle colonne fisse | Cradle Positioners
  • Composed of 2 fixed columns
cradle ribaltamento 180 gradi | Cradle Positioners
  • Possibility of 180° tilting of the workpiece 
cradle portate | Cradle Positioners
  • Load from 2 to 30 tons
syncrolift massa strisciante(1) | Cradle Positioners
  • Presence of creeping ground for welding integrated in the machine
grafico syncrolift | Cradle Positioners
  • Reduced operating time by 60% resulting in increased productivity
syncrolift touch screen | Cradle Positioners
  • Touch screen HMI with Teaching System for automatic programming of movement steps
rotazione elettrica | Cradle Positioners
  • Lifting, tilting and rotation electrically driven with speed control by inverter
syncrolift voltaggi | Cradle Positioners
  • Available Voltage:
    400V - 50/60Hz CE
    480V - 60Hz UL complied
    600V - 60Hz CSA complied

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