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Wet dust collectors

Filtro acqua Ecowet | Wet dust collectors

The ECOWET SERIES stainless steel or painted steel wet dust collector has been designed to capture combustible/hazardous dusts from different applications throught the power of the water filtration.

Working Principle:

  • A turbulent water zone forces the particles into the water.
  • The main baffle ensures the particles are submerged for a proper filtration.
  • The air and water mixture is then forced through another series of baffles that enhance the separation of the clean air from the dirty water.
  • Secondary mist eliminators drain out any water remaining in the air flow.
  • By Gravity, The water returns to the collecting bin where the particles settles.


Removes Respirable Dust and Contaminates from Sanding, Grinding, Deburring, Polishing, Suitable for explosive dusts such Aluminum, Titanium.


controllo intasamento | Wet dust collectors
  • Obstruction control
sistema regolazione acqua | Wet dust collectors
  • Water regulation system MIN/MAX
Botole di ispezione | Wet dust collectors
  • Stainless steel inspection hatches
scarico manuale acqua | Wet dust collectors
  • Manual water discharge
Ecowet eliminazione idrogeno | Wet dust collectors
  • Automatic hydrogen elimination system

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