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Dust Collectors for Laser Cutting

Ecolaser | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting


ECOLINE dust collectors have marked a significant turn in the industrial filtration field thanks to their high performances in suction and filtration.

SIDEROS ENGINEERING has been the first firm worldwide to introduce a new philosophy of compact dust collectors for LASER CUTTING MACHINES.


  • Compactness to be perfectly integrated with the layout of the LASER CUTTING MACHINES
  • High Suction and Filtration performances
  • Endurance of the filtration elements thanks to the TOP GRADE patended cartride filters
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Automatic filters cleaning
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • Fire risk protection
  • High product customization "M" filtration class
  • Filtration efficiency: 99.997%

ECOLINE cartridge dust collectors belong to the category of absolute filters. They always guarantee a post-filtration level of dust emissions <1mg/m³, even in the presence of extremely fine particles. Once air is filtered, it can be released and breathed into the workplace.


filtro compatto motoventilatore | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting
  • Compact with integrated motor fan.
Trappola antiscintille integrata | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting
  • Integrated anti-spark trap and metal mesh pre-filter for a better fire protection.
Quadro elettrico integrato | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting
  • Electric box perfectly integrated in the filter with the following functions: start/stop, remote control, cartridge obstruction control, alarms detection.
Cestello con sacco | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting
  • Basket with bag to facilitate the collection and handling of dust.
cartucce orizzontali | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting
  • Horizontal cartridges for ease of replacement.
Struttura filtri monoblocco | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting
  • The carpentry is made in a monobloc structure to increase the solidity and the life of the machine avoiding dangerous and unpleasant dust spills from the machine.
filtri prevenzione incendi | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting
  • Fire prevention system with hole for extinguisher nozzle.
filtri golfari sollevamento | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting
  • Patented lifting eyebolts for better handling 
filtri valvola non ritorno | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting
  • Anti-return valve to prevent smoke and dust from returning to the system during cleaning cycles when the machine is off. 
valvola a farfalla | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting
  • Butterfly valve for manual adjustment of the airflow. 
filtri compattezza trasporto | Dust Collectors for Laser cutting
  • The great compactness allows the transport of more units in the same container. 

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