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Downdraft Benches and Booths

banco weldtab | Downdraft Benches and Booths

The ETA BENCH guarantees the compliance of workstations with worker protection standards.

Besides being a solid support for workpieces, by means of a motor fan it can suction the dusts and fumes arising during processing steps. Connected to an ECOLINE series filtering unit, it also allows perfectly purifying the suctioned air before releasing it into the atmosphere.

The technical features of ETA benches make them suitable for welding, grinding, smoothing as well as manual plasma cutting operations.


  • Reduced pollution of the workplace as well as of the whole department
  • Its vertical wall performs the function of a barrier against sparks, splinters and violent light flashes
  • No maintenance nor additional costs for spare parts
  • Flexibility of use: side walls are movable, hence the possibility of placing workpieces with dimensions larger than those of the bench
  • Dusts are collected in specific drawers situated at the base of the bench


  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Deburring
  • Soldering
  • Brazing
  • Painting and Coating
  • Sanding and Finishing

Eta Bench standard dimensions

mm 900x1500 900x2000 900x2500 900x3000  900x4000


pareti aspiranti antiscintilla | Downdraft Benches and Booths
  • Anti-spark suction walls
cassettoni | Downdraft Benches and Booths
  • Dust and scrap collecting drawers 
Selettore | Downdraft Benches and Booths
  • Activation of the aspirating section by selector
weld tab heavy duty | Downdraft Benches and Booths
  • Heavy duty model for cutting metal sheet and grinding heavy pieces
integrazione filtro | Downdraft Benches and Booths
  • Integration with Sideros dust collectors
Saldatura | Downdraft Benches and Booths
  • Suitable for welding operations
Molatura | Downdraft Benches and Booths
  • Suitable for grinding operations

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