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Description: Oil mist extraction systems

Ecoil nebbie oleose | Oil mist extraction systems

Oily mists, or Oil-Mist, are pollutants in the form of very fine particles of emulsified oils, lubricating oils, cooling oils, etc. that are normally produced by metalworking processes, during CNC milling operations, and in many other machine tool operations.

The mists produced by these processes end up being breathed in by workers on the shop floor. It has been proved that the continuous and long-lasting inhalation of these mists can cause several diseases, more or less serious, such as: contact dermatitis and allergies, bronchial asthma, rhinitis, benign and malignant tumors of the nose, lungs and larynx etc..

The use of aspiration systems for oily mists becomes therefore very important because they allow to safeguard the health and the productivity of the workers. Their use allows besides to protect the workshop and the machineries that compose it.
In fact, the oily micro-mists deposit on the floor and on the machineries creating a slimy patina that can damage them with the time.
The use of the oil mist aspiration systems allows therefore to contain also the maintenance costs of the machineries and to maintain the premises in good conservation.

The filters for oil mist aspiration can be installed in a centralized way or directly near the source of emission.
As far as larger and dispersive environments are concerned, our environmental technicians are perfectly trained and can create suction layouts suitable for any need, always keeping in mind the regulations in force. Sideros Engineering suction plants are particularly indicated in the sector of machine tools, mechanical workshops, aerospace, automotive, railway etc.


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