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Ambient Dust Collectors

ecoambient | Ambient Dust Collectors

An Ambient Tower Dust Collection System consistently exchanges all of the air in the bulding or a section of the bulding.

The Sideros Engineering Ambient Dust Collectors, have been designed to purify the air inside a working place, especially in presence of smoke and dust produced by welding, deburring and thermal cutting processes.

Thanks to the superior filtration efficiency up to 99.997% at 3 micron, powered by our TOP GRADE filters, the Sideros Engineering Ambient Dust Collectors guarantee a perfectly breathable air emission inside the workplace.

Main benefits are:

  • Healthier workplace
  • Higher workers productivity
  • Cleaner working environment
  • Reduced heating costs due to the air circulation inside the working whop
  • No air ducts required
  • Plug and Play unit
  • Compact unit


ambient wifi | Ambient Dust Collectors
  • One or more EcoAmbient can be interconnected in Wi-Fi with an advanced supervisory system in order to share the condition of operation under a single interface. 
Griglie aspirazione aria | Ambient Dust Collectors
  • Large air intake grid for maxiumum reach
Box ugelli | Ambient Dust Collectors
  • Adjustable, multidirectional nozzles for clean air flow and direction control
cestello portascorie | Ambient Dust Collectors
  • Easy-to-remove waste tray.
filtro hepa | Ambient Dust Collectors
  • HEPA H14 filter to ensure absolute filtration
lampada uv | Ambient Dust Collectors
  • AirSword UV lamp for elimination of bacteria and viruses
topgrade(1) | Ambient Dust Collectors
  • TOPGRADE cartridges for excellent filtration efficiency
ambient inverter | Ambient Dust Collectors
  • Inverter for energy saving equipped with automatic airflow adjustment system according to the pollution levels of the working environment. 
ambient sensore aria | Ambient Dust Collectors
  • Pollution detection sensor PM 2.5 PM 10 with automatic airflow adjustment system according to the pollution levels of the working environment.
ambient sistema supervisione | Ambient Dust Collectors
  • Provided with advanced supervisory system that allows to monitor the condition of the machine and its functions through HMI screen, PC and mobile devices.

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