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"Vibroclean" Vibrating Tables

vibroclean nuovo | "Vibroclean" Vibrating Tables

Table with vibrating conveyor to simplify slags collection and discharge


  • Widths from 1500 mm (5ft) up to 8000 mm (26ft).
  • Lengths from 3000 mm (10ft) up to 40.000 mm (130ft).


vibroclean laser plasma oxy | "Vibroclean" Vibrating Tables
  • Suitable for laser, plasma oxy-fuel cutting up to 300mm.
vibroclean fumes extraction | "Vibroclean" Vibrating Tables
  • Superior fumes extraction thanks to multiple extraction channels integrated in the table.
vibroclean vibrating conveyor | "Vibroclean" Vibrating Tables
  • Possibiliy to install more vibrating conveyors side by side depending on the cutting width.
vibroclean massa terra | "Vibroclean" Vibrating Tables
  • Intagrated grounding in the supporting frames.
vibroclean heavy duty design | "Vibroclean" Vibrating Tables
  • Heavy duty design to support heavy plates.
vibroclean conveyor protection | "Vibroclean" Vibrating Tables
  • Maxiumum protection and reliability of the vibrating conveyors against heat and hits.

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