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"Rapidclean" Scraper Cutting Tables

tavola rapidclean | "Rapidclean" Scraper Cutting Tables

Perfectly integrated in ORION and POLARIS downdraft tables, Rapidclean has been designed in order to replace the old slag containers and enables the automatic extraction of slag produced during cutting operations.

With its PATENTED design, Sideros Engineering Rapidclean tables are classified as SMOKE-FREE for its extreme extraction performance. 


  • Automatic extraction of slag during metal plate cutting
  • It avoids expensive machine downtimes to remove and empty the collection tanks, thus increasing safety 
  • Emptying of only one slag container with high collection capacity
  • Abatement of maintenance costs
  • Suitable for heavy applications several work shifts
  • SMOKE FREE table
  • Suitable for Plasma, Laser and Oxy-fuel applications
  • Single or double RAPIDCLEAN available according to table width
  • Easy installation
  • Possibility to retrofit old cutting machines

Cost-Benefit Analysis

cost benefit tables | "Rapidclean" Scraper Cutting Tables


"Rapidclean" Scraper Cutting Tables
"Rapidclean" Scraper Cutting Tables
  • Patented design
scarico rialzato(1) | "Rapidclean" Scraper Cutting Tables
  • Table with raised slag bins
scarico interrato | "Rapidclean" Scraper Cutting Tables
  • Table with underground slag bins
sistema raschiante | "Rapidclean" Scraper Cutting Tables
  • Scraper system suitable for transporting a large quantity of slags 
aspirazione fumi | "Rapidclean" Scraper Cutting Tables
  • Very high efficiency of fumes suction

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