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Downdraft Tables for Plasma cutting

tavola sirius | Downdraft Tables for Plasma cutting

Sirius and Sirion

Down Draft Tables suitable for high power or multi-torch plasma cutting applications. The centrally located suction channel ensures a powerful suction, evenly spreaded over the entire width of the table.

  • Sirius Max width up to 3500 mm (138 in)
  • Sirion Max width up to 2000 mm (80 in)


  • Zoned design to ensure maximum suction efficiency on the whole length of the table
  • Tables suitable also for single and multiple bevel torches cutting contemporary
  • Modular design for an easy installation
  • Capacious and easy to be emptied slag containers
  • Tables designed to fit perfectly and maximize the space in 20 ft and 40 ft containers
  • Possibility to equip the table with 500 mm (20 in), 750 mm (30 in) or 1000 mm (40 in) suction zones for a maximum flexibility and suction efficiency
  • Long-lasting and Strong design


canale centrale sirius(1) | Downdraft Tables for Plasma cutting
  • Middle suction channel for maximum suction efficiency
tubi aria compressa | Downdraft Tables for Plasma cutting
  • Compressed air hoses in stainless steel 
cilindro alte temperature | Downdraft Tables for Plasma cutting
  • Pneumatic cylinders for high temperatures
vasche raccolta scorie | Downdraft Tables for Plasma cutting
  • Slag container with perimeter suction

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