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Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini

Rotoclean mini | Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini

Buratto Mini: Super-compact, safe and efficient, ROTOCLEAN Mini is the latest addition to the Sideros Engineering range. ROTOCLEAN Mini comes from the need to provide a machine with a load capacity and small size that allows you to clean, with the same precision of Rotoclean EVO pieces cut by oxy-cut, plasma or laser in a quick, economical and in total safety and autonomy.
Rotoclean Mini replaces the traditional and costly manual grinding operations that, besides being the cause of injuries to eyes and hands, produce noise and air pollution.
Deburring tumbler Mini is safe as it is equipped with a safety protection that totally encloses the rotating hexagon and therefore prevents accidental contact between the operator and the machine. Rotoclean EVO is equipped with an elongated and lowered hexagon to allow a better degree of finishing of the pieces to be worked.

The vulcanized rubber applied to the inside of the drum and the safety shutter protection help to considerably reduce the noise produced during workpiece processing.
The access door to the rotating hexagon is equipped with hydro-pneumatic cylinders for easy opening and closing.
Once the pieces to be cleaned have been inserted into the drum, they are mixed with the cleaning media; cleaning takes place by means of the continuous rubbing between them given by the continuous rotation.

The cleaning media in this case can be manganese alloy spheres or cast iron pentagons depending on the degree of finish required.


  • Higher productivity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Noise level reduction
  • Heavy duty design
  • Safe to use
  • No maintenance needed
  • Certified quality


Rotoclean mini design | Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini
  • Compact and modern design
  • Long-lasting anti-vibration reinforced structure
rotoclean mini protezione | Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini
  • Anti-collision safety protection
grafico rotoclean | Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini
  • High labour saving allows short-term investment return
Rotoclean inverter regolazione velocita | Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini
  • Control panel with timer and rotation speed adjustment
rotoclean rivestimento in gomma | Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini
  • Silent and efficient tumbling process thanks to the 40 mm thick wear-resistant vulcanized rubber
rotoclean evo depolveratore | Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini
  • It can be integrated with fumes and dust extractor for internal cleaning of the tumbler
rotoclean mini compatto | Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini
  • Compact design to reduce floor space
rotoclean sfere manganese | Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini
  • Manganese balls as cleaning media

Finishing grades

Pezzi oxi prima | Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini
Pezzi oxi dopo | Deburring Tumblers Rotoclean Mini

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