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Sheet Metal Storage Systems

min magazzino lamiera | Sheet Metal Storage Systems
magazzino Lamiera | Sheet Metal Storage Systems

Spaziomatic Sheet Metal Vertical Storage is an automated storage and retrieval system for sheet metal.

Spaziomatic features an elevator to deposit and retrieve drawers and deliver them directly to the load/unload bay at a safe working height.
The load capacity per drawer can be up to 5000 kg (11,000 lbs).
Thanks to its features, companies can take advantage of vertical space to save footprint and improve their material workflow.

The Sideros Engineering Vertical Storage can be customized to accommodate a variety of sheets size as well as other flat material such as plywood, plastic, moulds, boxes and components.


  • Material handling costs reduction
  • Reduced storage footprint
  • Efficient material storage and flow
  • Increased workplace safety
  • Updated inventory status
  • Fast ROI
  • Heavy Duty design
  • User friendly Touch screen control


magazzino doppia torre | Sheet Metal Storage Systems
  • Double tower system to maximize storage capacity and minimize volume
Tavola di carico con pin(1) | Sheet Metal Storage Systems
  • Fixed ground support with pins to simplify loading and unloading operations
magazzino lamiere navetta | Sheet Metal Storage Systems
  • Automated shuttle to bring the drawers to the elevator
Catena tripla per sollevamento | Sheet Metal Storage Systems
  • Triple chain to ensure maximum stability and reliability
Celle di Carico | Sheet Metal Storage Systems
  • Load cells to monitor the allowed inside drawer max weight
magazzini spessori tubolari | Sheet Metal Storage Systems
  • 16 mm (0,63 in) thick Tubolars for the main structures, 12 mm (0,47 in) thick tubolars for the 2 lifting arms, Ø 200 mm (8 in) heavy duty sliding wheels for greater rigidity and constructional strength
magazzini struttura monoblocco | Sheet Metal Storage Systems
  • Monoblock Tubolar Structure, even on 12 mt (40 ft) tall storage systems, to improve the stability and the overall construction quality
magazzino protezioni | Sheet Metal Storage Systems
  • Storage system equipped with Perimetric Protection Fences and photoelectric safety light curtains to access the Elevator/Shuttle Area
magazzino touch screen | Sheet Metal Storage Systems
  • System control via user friendly touch screen
magazzino software | Sheet Metal Storage Systems
  • User friendly inventory management software integrated with the storage system

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