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Our values


Sideros stands for innovation, experience and quality. We optimize our customers' work with innovative solutions on a daily basis. It is our aim to always be a step ahead. And we break the mold daily to do just that.

  • Technology & innovation
    Advanced technology is fascinating, and we are proud of how users can benefit from it. Solutions advance through innovations, which we are committed to continue creating. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services to meet the highest demands of our customers in sheet metal manufacturing. Sideros's machines are distinguished by their high-quality workmanship, extreme ruggedness, compact design, and ergonomic and user-friendly operation. Our products facilitate work processes for our customers all over the world, and demonstrate their excellent features in everyday use at industrial companies.

  • Passion & dedication
    Our customers put their heart into their work, and so do we in ours. This means working with passion. We are convinced that only with enthusiasm and commitment the best results are achieved. We give our best for our customers and analyze their needs with utmost diligence and appreciation. Sideros looks for the ideal solution for every application in individual customer settings.
  • Dialogue & solution
    We listen and we speak. We analyze requirements and meet them with solutions that benefit our customers most. For this we use our range of products and services, which is the widest in the field. We support our customers throughout the entire life cycle of our systems and deliver economic solutions for utmost customer satisfaction.

  • Social & environmental responsibility
    We believe in long term, responsible, fair and transparent relations with our employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and the community. This means good business for us. As part of this commitment, we provide solutions combining productivity with sustainability - Green Means for fabrication.