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Health & Safety Statement


Sideros Engineering has a vital interest in providing each employee with a safe and healthy place to work. We also have an obligation to act responsibly toward the communities in which we do business.

Our objective is to manufacture products, provide services to customers, and to otherwise conduct our business in the safest possible manner and to assure public safety in conjunction with our operations and facilities.

In addition to health and safety considerations within our facilities, Sideros Engineering recognizes the right of all citizens to live in an environment as free of industrial pollution as feasible.

Further, to assure awareness of our environmental obligations, the company is committed to providing appropriate training to our employees on applicable regulatory requirements.

It is the belief of Sideros Engineering that employees with adequate knowledge of environmental matters are best able to achieve improvements in environmental performance, which enhances the quality of our facilities and surrounding communities.

At Sideros, we value our ties to the local community and work hard to be a good corporate citizen and neighbor by contributing to the growth of the local economy, supporting social services, and protecting our natural environment. We know that our success at Sideros wouldn’t be possible without supporting the communities where we live and work; that’s why we make giving back a priority.

Maintaining the health and safety of our employees and eliminating environmental risks to the community provides substantial benefits to everyone associated with Sideros Engineering.

Health, safety and protection of the environment will always be primary goals of the company.