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Belloni Lamiere

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 BELLONI LAMIERE, founded by Vincenzo Belloni in 1958, has been among the first companies in Italy supplying high quality oxy-fuel cut and machined parts. Today, after over “half a century” is among the few companies in Italy that can be proud of such a long presence and experience in metal plates processing industry.
The quality of the products supplied, the accuracy of inspections during the working processes, and the punctuality of deliveries make BELLONI LAMIERE a reliable benchmark at the European level.

Over the years Belloni Lamiere has specialized more and more in the following processes:

● Oxy-fuel cutting: metal plates of several thicknesses are cut by high performance cutting machines

● Straightening: equipped with 3 Hydraulic Presses with movable vertical rods, movable cylinders and rotating hammer.

Other services:

● Milling: it is performed by a 12 mt CNC control milling machine

Sandblasting, deburring, heat treatments and machining.

Today BELLONI LAMIERE has become the main Test and demo Center of Sideros Engineering. Every year, Sideros tests and develops dozens of new products and technologies directly on-site. This great experience has led Sideros to design and manufacture reliable and technological advanced products over the past 35 years.