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Automatic energy saving system


To meet the increasing demand of machines with low consumption and reduced environmental impact, Sideros Engineering proposes Ecotech, a control board with high technological contents, complete with PLC, inverter and touchscreen panel for operation interface.

This system enables to continuously adjust and control the number of revolutions of the fan motor as well as to monitor the general operation state of the filter, even remotely.

Features and Advantages:

Ecotech eng | Dust collector Optionals
  • Electric energy saving up to 60%       
  • Noise reduction up to 40%       
  • Longer life of filtering cartridges
  • Mechanical wear reduction up to 40%
  • Heating costs reduction            
  • Capacity self-regulation
  • On-board control through colour LCD Touch panel     
  • Remote monitoring in real time through supervision           
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
sistema automatico di risparmio energetico | Dust collector Optionals