"2 Axis are Great but 3 are even better."

Three-Axis Welding Positioners

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3 Axis Welding Positioners

ROTOLIFT is a 3 axis hydraulic positioner and handler specifically designed for assembling and welding operations. Thanks to its functional features, the machine considerably reduces the moving of the workpiece and therefore the use of traditional lifting systems.

Downdraft Tables

Sideros Engineering down draft tables feature a solid frame, able to support heavy-duty metal plates mainly used in applications such as oxy-fuel cutting. Modularly designed, Sideros down draft tables are provided with an integrated suction system equipped with either one or more suction channels, depending on cutting width and application, in order to ensure the highest performances.

Dust Collectors

ECOLINE dust collectors have marked a significant turn in the industrial filtration field thanks to their very high performances.

Head and Tailstock Positioners

Sideros Engineering Head & Tailstock Positioners are used to weld and assembly long and large weldments in many different application fields.

Automated Storage Systems

Sideros Engineering includes in its producs range innovative Storage Systems for sheet metal, tubes, pipes and bars. All models are custom made according to the available height, number of towers, number of drawers, sheet metal and tubes/pipes/bars lengths. Technology, experience, service and desing have always been the key factors of the Sideros Engineering competitiveness and success.

Deburring Tumblers

Compact, safe and efficient, ROTOCLEAN allows a rapid and cheap removal of slag, burr, calamine and rust from oxycut or plasma cut workpieces in full safety and autonomy.

Your Cutting and Welding World

A great past, a solid present, a glorious future.

For over 40 years SIDEROS ENGINEERING has been world leader in the design and manufacturing of downdraft tables and dust collectors for Laser, Plasma and Oxy-fuel cutting machines, 3-axis welding positioners, head and tailstock positioners, automatic storage systems for sheets, bars and tubes, deburring tumblers, straightening presses for sheet metal and special projects.

The extensive experience and the continuous technological research, empowered Sideros Engineering to offer high quality products and solutions supported by a large and effective customer service.

Today Sideros Engineering tests all new prototypes and technologies at BELLONI LAMIERE, the company operating in sheet metal cutting since 1958 and belonging to the same industrial group. This unique synergy has allowed Sideros Engineering to monitor the systems installed and to receive regulard feedback on their operation.

The constant commitment to R&D teamed with the ability to offer customized solutions, results in always new cutting-edge technologies and design for the customer's benefit.
Sideros Engineering is increasingly identified as a solid and reliable partner, boosting the business and the production efficiency of its Customers through its innovations.
Beside this, it is also renowned as an excellent manufacturer of sheet metal working machines.

Today Sideros Engineering exports from Italy to over 80 countries around the world with offices in United States, France and Germany.



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